Bak Chang Day

Yahoooo!! Bak Chang day is here!

The truth, I don’t know what it meant. Hahaha… In other words, it is a day where Chinese family would prepare some ‘bak chang’ for sell or for family members.

Anyway, HAPPY BAK CHANG DAY!! The goodnews is that god mum had prepared some bak chang for me too. Yeah…

Of course, being the greedy eater, I ate 1 when I went there and another one the next day. Hehehe... God mum had been nagging to ask BF eat more as he is too skinny. Haha!!


Rose said…
I love meat and peanut bak chang! Yummy!
Dav DiDi said…
I love meat bak chang only.. hehee... don't like the peanut one

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