Creative Thinking - RM1 Coin into Accessories

Last week, when I have my routine weekly pasar malam schedule, there is one stall that captures me.

It's not any stall selling veggies or meats or fish. It's a stall selling fake gold ring and fake gold necklace. Some of you might be wondering why am I attracted to the fake gold ring. Well, it's because I know from what item did they use to transform the ring!

At the tables, the owner display all sorts of rings and necklace, ranging from babies size to matured males ring size. At the other side, they put all the RM1 coins. Years ago, M'sia government had obsoleted the used of RM1 coins.

I guess there are some individuals that had think of a way to fully utilize the use of these coins. Indeed, i have to admit, they are creative! I'm curious whether these rings would be able to last long.

So, bought myself 1 piece of the ring with the words "Love".
Anyone interested? Well, just try your luck at the MJC Batu Kawah Pasar Malam, every Thursday & Friday.


Rose said…
Interesting and creative!! Never been to MJC market.
RaiNboW said…
Hey, I wanna try my luck again this week. Although last time I went there this stall was not around. Wish me good luck ya...
Dav DiDi said…
Hi Rose, Yeah, its cool ..they have a lot of design too.

Rainbow, I'm at hyundai service centre online..hahha..yaya..wish u luck !

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