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DIY Bed Using Recycle Items

Previously, I mention to AppleJul about my project for DIY bed for my dog. Well, I officially completed them earlier than I thought. It tooks me about 2 months to complete this items (one month earlier).

Before filling in cotton/scrap cloth/scrap soft items into the bed.

At first my dog didn't want to sleep on it because the bed had lack of her smell. She is very particular of her own stuff. Even her plate, if I put her food in another plate, she won't want to eat. So, in order to familiarize her with the new bed, I had to sleep there and wait for her to sleep beside me. After she feels more comfy sleeping on it by herself then, I let her have it.

She is actually enjoying sleeping on the bed. What a good life dog! Normally when there is sound outside, she would wake up. But if the new bed, I guess I need to have my own self taking care of the house. Haaaaiiihhhzzzzzz...

So how do I do it? Well, first, I cut multiple pieces of 8x8 paper. Then, I cut all the scrap cloth into the size that would fit the 8x8 paper. Second step is to join each and everyone of the 8x8 into a big 80x100cm size of bed.

After that, I fill the bed with scrap cotton (previously I take out all the cotton from un-use pillows) and scrap clothing(cut into pieces) and also 'span' (don't know if my spelling correct or not). It is very comfy although I fill them with scrap items. Hahaha ...

Total cost spent = RM0
If I buy, total cost would be at least Rm100!!!

5 tell DD:

Stuff could always be worse 2:48 AM  

It looks like your dog has a great, heart felt bed.

Rose 8:49 AM  

The bed remind me of my old blanket where my grandma made from scrap clothes!! :p

It is very nice, Didi for you to recycle the cloth. Your dog is one lucky dog to have an owner like you!!

RaiNboW 10:34 PM  

Wow.. Congratulation!! I thought u can only finish it June. Haha...

davina_chin 7:21 AM  

Rainbow, yeah, I thought I'll finish it in June too .. I guess I'm way too bored at home ...

Rose, yeah .. instead of throwing it away .. i try to think of something else.. because all the cloth can't be given out anymore

davina_chin 7:21 AM  

Yeah .. she looks comfy sleeping there

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