Garden of DD

With the long weekend (3 days is long for me), I took a little tour and fun around my garden. Finally, I saw my mushroom is growing pretty well with some vegetables. So happy to see that the money spent in buying the plant finally worth it.

The super big mushrooms

Can't wait to eat this

Of course it’s not much but at least I can mix with other vegetables to make it into one dish.
Mix Vegetables

After the boring thoughts of what to do, I took out my chicken and let them had their fun in my garden. To my unexpectation, my crippled chicken can scratch! Yeah, the male is actually walking with one leg broken. I don’t know how he could get the injury. After having fun, they lie on the grass, enjoying the sun. My dog, on the other hand, keep on barking and jealous with the attention I gave towards my chicken. Hahaha..

Female local chicken

The male local chicken, with one leg broken

Both having fun with the grass and sunlight

After 1 hour on sun bathing I put them back into their cage. The female is so naughty and try to escape from my hand. Well, she has been very protective especially when the male is unable to protect her.

My ‘kue ni’ is also bearing fruits. I don’t really like to eat this. Maybe because I had too much every year. Hahaha… I’m more into mango. BF says the chilies in my garden starts to come out too.


Rose said…
Wow! What a garden you have there, Didi!!
Dav DiDi said…
Not my garden actually.. more to my dad's garden

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