Global Warming, Save the Planet - Climate Change

As I mention in my previous blog that I will write one post per week about global warming, this week, I'm going to write my opinion about the climate change. We might thinks that climate is changing, so what. It doesn't impact us at all. We feel more heat but it's okay as there are advance technology called the air-conditioned.

Climate and weather is two different thing. Climates are a long term pattern of weather in place while weather conditions can change everyday, every hour and season by season.

Example of climate change due to global warming:
Earth temperature had risen about 1 degree F in the past 100 years and is going to rise another 3 to 10 degrees in the next 100 years
Sea level has risen and is projected to rise much more.

There are a lot of consequences due to climate change. This includes:
Increases in temperature. Can you imagine if the heat is doubled what we gets now in 20 years time? I believe all of us has been complaining about the heat of the sun lately.
At some country, increase of temperature could actually cause death and health disease such as skin disease, dehydration and lots more.

Climate change is one of the effect due to global warming. It may sounds like a 'no big deal' thing but the truth is, it impacts everyone. It's true that human will be able to adapt with the change of climate sooner or later. But what about our eco system?

For example, the polar bear at North Pole. What about 100 years later, north pole will have only water and not ice? Will those bear able to cope? What about penguins, killer whale, dolphins and any other creatures in the sea? Can fishes live without water? Indirectly, when the production of fishes reduce, the price of fish would goes up. This impact us indirectly.

Still think that climate change doesn't impact us?

The increase of temperature would also increased our chances of disease, especially skin related disease. Many diseases are linked to climate fluctuations, ranging from cardiovascular mortality and respiratory illnesses due to heatwaves and also transmission of infectious diseases as well as malnutrition from crop failures.

What if all the plantation fails to grow in 50 years time? Will we still be able to eat whatever we like at reasonable price? Imagine if 'kangkung' selling at RM100 per kg in future. Do you think our descendents would be able to eat greeny?

As we all know, there has been a lot of diseases spreading globally. Bird flu, swine flu, etc, etc, etc ... There is no proof that the disease are related to global warming. But, are we really sure? I'm not going to comment more on this.

Sea level beach ... will it be one of the good place to relax in future?


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