Happy Mother's Day

As we all know, Mother's day is always the 2nd week of May. I would like to wish all mothers, god mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, step mothers, foster mother and any mothers a very HAPPY MOTHER's DAY.

Here are a poem for all mothers that I compose myself. I know it's not a very superb one, but it is sincerely from me.

From young to old,
Time passes, ages grow
What we have is a blessing,
The biggest blessing of all,
Is having a mom by our side.

Nine months in her womb,
She bears the pain of delivery,
Just to bring us to the world
For she knows we are her angel.

When we are baby, she breastfeeds us
When we are kids, she teaches us
As we grew, she guides us
As we are her most precious gold

Happy Mother's Day, mother
Throughout the years, we often hurts you
But no matter what, you always there
To lend us a shoulder to cry

Happy Mother's Day, mothers in Heaven,
You may not be here but still,
I believe you always looks down from Heaven,
To teach and guides us to happiness

Happy Mother's Day, mother,
Without you, we won't be here,
For your loves that brought us here,
We will loves you always


This is a great poem, it is even better that you wrote it.

Thanks for the comments.

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