Kids Need Financial Helps, age 9

I received an email from Ching about a 9 years old kids, suffering from tumor. Not sure if this is true or not, but I don't see if there is any damages for me to post it in my blog. If it's true and it happens that someone who read my blog willing to donate, indirectly I can help to save 1 life, right?

For those who is willing to help and is wondering if this is junk or reality, you can call the numbers and visits him. The number is at the end of this posting.

Hi all,
This is my cousin, Eng Seow Wai's son. Please help this only 9 years old child.
Yee Xiang is just like a ordinary child going to school and play with the primary school children and have fun at the age of 9.
Until one day, he has a bad headache ……………………..
Things never be the same, as he was found to have brain tumor…………..
It takes only 6 months turn a happy go lucky kid to this……………………..
He has gone through minor brain operation but still to no avail as lack of operation fee….
And now his parents need 1K/day medicine to keep him alive………….
Yee Xiang only hope is to go through major brain operation and that would cost RM180,000.
Thus, his parents is urging generous donors to help to give Yee Xiang a HOPE to LIVE!
You can donate by pay into his father Eng Seow Wai, MayBank account # 112380176322. You may also call him at 016-2161237.


Mimi said…
The pictures are so true but needs a lot of verification to make a donation so proceeds would genuinely be delivered to the kid. But you're posting is a great help to reach out. Keep up the good work on your blog and thanks for visiting my site.
Dav DiDi said…
Hi mimi,

Thanks for the comments ...

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