Mr. Kuching 2009

Last Saturday, there are contest of Mr. Kuching 2009 at The Spring. Well, it’s not like Ms Kuching where there are ladies with extremely sparkling dress with outstanding make up all over their face.

Mr. Kuching wears only underwear! Hhmmm.. Let me not make everyone confuse. Mr. Kuching is organized by the Sarawak Body Building Association. Therefore, it is a contest to see who have more muscles. In other words, it is actually a body building contest for all members of the association.

The stage is decorated in celebrating Gawai..

This contest is sponsored by VICO and launched by our deputy of work minister, Datuk Yong Khoon Seng. The contest starts at 2pm.

Speech by Datuk Yong Khoon Seng

Gift from VICO manager to Datuk Yong Khoon Seng

Gift from the Body Building Association

I didn’t stayed there for long. There are 6 categories for the contest. I only manage to see 2 of the 6 categories. Well, I guess if I stand there and watch all of it, I might get nightmare imagining all the big guys come punching me. Hehehe, no offence, ok…

Anxious crowd looking down, enjoying the show

The first categories are for men above 45 years old. At least veterans still have chances to show off their muscles. No comment on this one, else my nightmare will come true if any of them read my blog.

First Contestant for age above 45 years old

Second Contestant

The second categories are for men less than 60kg. I never know body building men can weight less than 60kg.

I like the middle one..too bad, he got second place

While watching the show, I keep on laughing looking at guys wearing only underwear. Well, don’t take me wrong but how many times in our life that we can see so many guys in underwear, except in swimming pool?

Anyway, I salute them as well. I will not have any nerve to go up the stage wearing bikinis. They not only dare to go up there with underwear. They too dare to show out their muscles to everyone. I keep teasing BF about having him building up all those muscle and go up the stage wearing only underwear. Hahaha!!

Overall, I enjoyed the show. I have only one question to them. Don’t they feel cold?