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Another forwarded junk mail that I receive recently. The photos is so cute that I'm thinking of share them with everyone.

All these pandas are rescued after the Sichuan Earthquake. They are seen to be protecting each other on top of a tree. The rescue team brings them to safety and fed and takes care of them ..Anyone, please help us....

Help! Help! I don't want injection. I'll behave, I promise. Please, no injection ...


Slurrpppsss, yummy..

Say "HI!!"

This teaches us that no matter how tough our life could be, nothing is impossible. Together, we can always pass through any difficulties in life. Never ever give up! The panda never give up, why should we?

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Stuff could always be worse 2:37 AM  

The pandas are just too cute, I am glad you posted these.
I have an award for you on my blog, when I ever get it finished.

Margaret 7:23 AM  

Thanks for posting.
I hadn't seen that panda email. It may still turn up though!
You have a wonderful site and view of the world.

Dav DiDi 8:23 AM  

Hi Kimberly, Thanks for visiting back all the time .. yeah .. the panda is too cute that I can't resist not to post it up ..

Margaret, thanks for the compliment!

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