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Pizza, Anyone?

As I mention that last few weeks that I'm feeling extremely stress, so the other day, SK, AppleJul, Janice, BF and I decided to go for a good treat to de-stress.

The only place that is near to our office is Pizza Hut. The rest, I'm not in the mood to much them. So, off we go to Pizza...

I can't remember what pizza I've ordered and what spaghetti BF have ordered. All I remember is I just point to whatever that I want. Hahaha.. Anyway, it's the lunch set meal.. SK, AppleJul and Janice is also ordering the lunch set.

BF order spaghetti. Quite nice oh ..
This one is mine.. can't remember what pizza is this..
AppleJul & Janice ordered this...
And also this one...

Hhmmmm, I didn't take any photos of SK pizza...

SK and I manage to finish all the whole set of pizza+soup+breadstick+cola!!!! So, guess how high is our stress level at that time.....

Picture for fun... hahaha!

2 tell DD:

Rose 7:55 PM  

Long time I didnt go Pizza Hut!!

Dav DiDi 8:06 AM  

Hehehe... I think pizza is not a choice for daily food ... once a while is ok .. :)

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