A Visit to Vet

Last Saturday, I bring little Pooh to vet. As I mention previously, her origin name is Daisy but was later change to Pooh by my dad (reason is because since small, she likes to grab doll with the face of Winnie the Pooh). I tried to change her name back to Daisy but she only responded to Pooh.

Ok, back to the topics. Original intention of bringing her to the vet is for her annual injection and heartworm injection. The annual injection cost RM30.00++ while the heartworm cost RM60.00++. So coincidence that, Pooh fell sick.

Her gums and neck is swollen. It really worried me to see such her gums swollen. So, when she have her injection, I asked the doctor to check on her wounds. Of course, being the stubborn dog, she doesn't wants the doctor to check on her neck and teeth. She hides her head on my shoulder and tried to climb up my shoulder. Hahaha.. I had difficulties calming her down. By the time she is calm, I'm sweating like I've just had 100 meter run! Huh...

Ok, she is calm down. First, the doctor gives her the injection. Then when the doctor wants to pat her, she suddenly turn her head and intended to bite the doctor! Haiyooooo, this dog is really stubborn. Luckily, she didn't manage to bite. Pooh gaves an irritated sounds that makes the doctor laugh. Luckily, the doctor manage to touch the wounded area before the injection.

As she couldn't inspect more, she gave Pooh medicines to reduce the swollen part. When I saw the pills (6 pills + 1 pills), my head think of one question.. "How shall I feel this stubborn little dog". Hhmmmm....

The big 6 pills are to eat 1/2, once a day while the other one is to be taken on that day itself.

We went back half hour later. I take a look at the dogs in the vet. One of the dog (I think is St. Bernard) barks and Pooh got scared and panic. Had no way but to bring her home asap before she do anything crazy.

After the injection and medicine, Pooh slept the whole afternoon. After dinner (she refuses to eat), I got worried when she keep on sleeping. Even if I touch her butt (Pooh hates when people touch her butt when she is asleep), she gave no reaction at all.

I think I owe her in past life. At 8.00pm, I went out to Hui Sing hawker stall to buy her favourite food... sio bee. I bought 6 sio bee and she ate 2 1/2 of the sio bee. As her mouth pain, I break the sio bee into small pieces and put it into her bowl for her to eat whenever she is hungry.

The next day, I checked on the plate. All the sio bee is gone! Yeah, this means she actually woke up at night for late supper @ breakfast. And her wounded is recovering too. I wonder what medicine is that. I'm expecting effect only after 2-3 days.

Good news is, she is ok now and is eating or making pity face whenever I'm eating ice cream, sio bee, etc ...
Bad news is, I'm RM100 less today. There goes my hard earn 'buruh kasar' money. Hahaha!

I think her butt is super big.. What do you think? Photo taken when Pooh is looking anxiously at my dad cooking her food


Rose said…
Hope she is getting well soon!!!
Dav DiDi said…
I think she is recovering now ... been very active lately ... and stubborn too ..

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