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Chinese New Year 2010 vs Valentine's Day

Do any of you know that Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day for 2010 will be on the same day? Well, I only knew it just now when my colleague mention about it. What a coincident! This brings me to some short google search. It happens that, for every year of animal sign, there is a specific day to celebrate CNY. Hhmm, I never know about this.

Taken from this website

So, CNY vs Valentine's day. Which one would be your choice? I believe some would prefer to go back to hometown to celebrate CNY rather than celebrating Valentine. Also, most shop will be closed during the first day of CNY. I wonder how will the dual celebration looks like.

2 tell DD:

Rose 7:23 PM  

Yeah, I know it falls on same day next year. So wouldnt be going out for a nice candle light dinner on next year's Valentine Day as it would be 1st day of CNY! :p

Dav DiDi 7:33 AM  

Yeah .. actually this is very cost saving as well oh ...

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