International Day of Innocent Children Victim of Aggression

I guess not everyone knows that today is dedicated as an International Day for the children who is the victim of aggression.

As our worlds becomes more advance in term of technology, loves and cares no longer be the main items in a family. There might be families that still values the real meaning of family, but is this the majority or the minority?

In today's worlds, both parents is working. Well, maybe there are mothers that gave up career for their families but how many women that would give up career in this generation? Tension and stress at work and catching up in technology simply erases away the loves in a family.

Some parents burst their frustration at work to their families. For broken family, children is always the victim either emotionally or physically. Abuse on children has become more and more crucial now.

The most recent case reported in TheStar is really a heartbroken news. How can a mother abused her own children simply because of frustration? What kind of excuse as of "complicated life" in justifying her actions? For me, this is really unacceptable! Does she really knows whether she really loves her child? Is her tear is because she knows that she will go to prison or is it because she will get separated with her own child that she abuse without second thought?

Well, I don't even dare to punish my dog without reason, what more to say hitting an innocent kids simply because of our own selfishness? But, I guess not every human creature on Earth know and learn the value of life. Life belongs to God. Only HE can decide what to do with our life as well as other people's life. What makes us thinks that we have the rights to hurt ourselves and even others?

In conjunction with the International Day of Children Victim of Aggression, let us all contribute our parts and notify the authority if we happen to see any children is being abused. It is not about busy body and 'jaga tepi kain orang' as what is normally known in our culture. Instead it is about helping others and makes this world a better place to live for everyone who deserves it.

Animals is not born to be abused by human, what more to say CHILDREN.


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