It’s Shopping Again!

Yeah, after few months of not shopping, I finally get myself into shopping!! I guess shopping and women is just an items. We can’t live without it. True? Hahaha.. I believe so.

So, what did I bought? Well, it’s not really I buy since most of the stuff, it wasn’t me who pay the bills. Hahahaha! Anyway, I got myself a new pair of earring, bags, key chain, and small bags for my phone, fake ring and shoes. Hhmmm, sound likes a shopaholic.

Earring – RM3.90, 3 pair for RM10. I couldn’t find 3 pair so just bought 1

Bags – BF gave me this actually. The price hang on it is RM19. Manage to bargain up to RM11 as one of the button came off. I had to sew it back myself

Key chain – this is surprise gift from BF actually. It’s Yoshi!

Small bags – saw this at 688 and it cost me RM2.90. That time I’m quite stress that I had to buy something. Didn’t know what to get, so I just grab this bags for my hand phone.

Shoes – bought at the same stall that I bought the bags. Price hang on it is RM39. I bought it at RM25.

Ring – made of our previous RM1 coins (publish this in previous blog)

Next shopping list:

Belt – anyone had an idea where I can get a nice one?
Pants - for aerobics
Battery - for my camera


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