Jalan Song - Jalan Tun Jugah New Flyover

Have anyone heard of this news? Basically, Sarawakian (especially Kuching people) will have another flyover in less than a year time. It will be build at one of the most busy street in Kuching, that is Jalan Song - Jalan Tun Jugah. Jalan Song is always jam especially after office hour at 5.30pm - 6.30pm. With the plan of new flyover, I believe that the traffic jam at this road will gets worst until the flyover is done.

It will be built in the direction of the airport to Kuching. Expected completion would be 6 months time. Personally I doubt it. Besides that, a dual-carriageaway between Kenyalang Interchange and Simpang Tiga will be widened to three and four lane. This whole project are estimated to be worth 75 millions (I wish I have 1% of this amount!!!) - More info at catcity website.

I have concern during the progress of building the flyover. I guess, it may impact the traffic jam at BDC roundabout as well. If this happens, I might not be able to reach home early for 6 months. What's worst, I can't go aerobics! My office hour ends at 5.30pm (being in prison, I can only go back at 5.30pm earliest). From my office to car parks takes about 5 minutes. Now, it took me about 20 minutes to reach the centre (6pm). After park my car and change my cloth, the timing is just right. Aerobics starts at 6.15pm.

Hopefully, it will not impact the BDC roundabout. Else, I will be missing aerobics for 6 mths! Aerobics has been a part of my body since 2 years ago. Huhuhuhu....


Daniel Liew said…
It is good for Kuching and the best interest of her citizens. I still remember we used to have lotsa roundabouts in the city.

The roundabouts that had been turned to junctions are 2nd Mile, 3rd Mile (with flyover), 4th Mile, 6th Mile and 7th Mile, Jalan Song and Simpang Tiga (with flyover). Also the Satok flyover.

Any that I missed?
Dav DiDi said…
Wahhh ... if you didn't mention, I never realize it oh ...

well, i feel pity with the trees at jalan song .. now, it's so bright compare to the windy environment with the trees

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