My Dog and I

The other day, I played "Wrestling Game" with my dogs. BF captured the photos of our struggling. Of course I lost. I don't have nails as sharp as hers and my teeth isn't that long also. She plays cheat.
Cunning dogs. Using her legs and mouth....

This is what she do each time she wants to win

Her reaction in asking for "massage"

Enjoying the massage on her back

After that, we play "Throw and Fetch". Well, she basically misunderstood this game. She is suppose to fetch the toys and bring it to me so that I can throw it again. Instead, she fetch the toy, bring it to me and ask me to snatch it from her. Huh! How can I snatch the toy when she is biting it so hard?
Looking at her toy, waiting for people to throw it...

Hey, you suppose to give it to me so that I can throw it again!

See how hard she bite it?


Richard Ling said…
she is beautiful.
i have a dog but she's really ill now.
levian said…
such a beautiful dog,
your avatar finally show itself. :)
Dav DiDi said…
HI Richard, sorry to hear that .. is she ok ?? my dog is sick .. a bit moody this morning when she came my room and sleep beside me

Levian, errmm, what is avatar ? hehe

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