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Recently during a wedding, a friend of mine attended with his camera as a part time volunteer photographer. He tooks quite a lot of photos from different angles, near or far as well as colored or black and white.

Well, I found that photography is a very interesting hobbies but is a very expensive one too. Nowadays, there are a lot of either fulltime or partime photographers in the markets. Some, due to their popularity, had increased their payment rate. It is hard to find a good photographer with reasonable price now. So for those who is looking for partime photographers for any of your occasions, well, worldofdidi have one good candidate for your list of photographers. His payment rate, I can guarantee that it won't be that pricey.

I have asked him to send me some photos to be publish in my blog too. As this is his photos, so, you can see that I have marked all the photo with worldofdidi trademark.

Wedding photos ..

I like this shots the most!

Sweet couple, exchanging ring


Hhmmm, I looks like just woke up ..

King Kong in the Garden
The ego's of Kong

The cutie

The cutie's innocent look

The curious cutie

The nature's smile

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