2009 Resolution Progress

In my previous posting, I mention about the my 2009 resolution. Well, since it's 6 mths on the road, I think I better put some updates about the progress of my resolution....

1. Settled my second debt - yeah!! DONE
2. Settle PTPTN amounted 7K-8K ~ errm, still on going
3. Set a target saving amount of xxxx. This I think would be xxxx- yy = zzzz - still undecided
4. Target weight - targetting to lost 1kg only - not even lose 100gm!
5. Control my bad tempered attitude - hhmmm
6. Learn hip hop - in my dreams! I stop going for hip hop now
7. Oven - this going to be next year 2010
8. Phone model - got this as b'day gift (although my b'day is way to come)
9. Moving my blog to success in earning from adsense

Conclusion is that I doubt I can do it. Yeah, I know.. Believe and you will ... But I really doubt I can achieve all this resolution this year. *sobs*


Flores Hayes said…
a great find for panda fanatic!
my roommate and i LOVE this bag

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