4th Mile Food Court

As we all know, 4th ½ mile can be consider as food heaven for those who are hunting for foods with super many stalls. There are food court in front and even behind Everise. Recently, another food court is opened at the back of Ambank. Not only that, across the road near to 688, there are plenty of food choices as well.

I went to the food court at the back of Ambank the other day. What I like here is the atmosphere. It’s kind of hot though but there are plenty of choices here.

I think it is call the something Avenue. I ordered only ice lemon tea. The truth, I think the drinks here are a bit more expensive. The last time I ordered the ABC, I end up going to toilets several times. So, this time, I dare not order anymore.

BF as usual, 100 plus and his lunch. As I have already had my lunch, I just accompany BF. Not sure what is his order but it looks yummy. With the garlic+yam rice and the meat, I can say RM4 is worth the price.
BF likes to come here. As for me, I prefer cha kueh (at the stall near to 688) or the Chinese cooking food behind Everise. The only regret is that I don’t know how to order from the Chinese man because his mandarin is far advance from the mandarin that I have.


Rose said…
If got communication problem, get your BF to order for you! hehehe! You BF knows chinese??
Dav DiDi said…
Errmm...my bf dunno chinese worst ... that day, i ask the waitress to help me to translate. hahaha!

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