Four Point Hotel by Sheraton

As I mention in my previous posting that I’ve picked up some friends from airport, the destination from airport is Four Point Hotel.
Four Point Hotel by Sheraton is the newest hotels in Kuching. It is about 5 minutes drive to KIA. There are plenty of local foods surrounding Four Point. For those who are interested to come to Kuching for its local food, Four Point is one of the hotels that you can stay in.Although the appearance look more like hospitals (according to my friend), the inner side are totally luxury. This also teaches us not to judge the book by its cover. The security there is very helpful and friendly.

There are 9 of them; therefore, 3 rooms are booked. After check in, I take the opportunity to follow them to their rooms. The pathway along the rooms is extremely comfortable and cozy! I’m way too comfortable that I’ve forgotten to snap any photos at all. When I got to my friend’s room, I can see Boulevard from the window. He is lucky to get a room that shows the whole Kuching. Then I tried on the bed. It’s very soft.

The fee for this room is RM280 per month. For local, this is very expensive but for others it might only means a partial of what their daily expenses. Well, RM280 is really worth it.

Some of you might think I’m crazy but the part that I like the most are:

YES!! The toilet!! The toilet is divided into three part; toilet, sink, and bathroom. The design of the toilet is really good. As you can see, I can’t snap the whole toilet. Reason is because it’s way too big that I can’t fit everything into one picture. Anyway, I just took one photo because after that, I receive office call. After talking, I totally had forgotten about photo taking. Argghhhh!!!!

Conclusion, the hotels is really a good choice for those who come from far and still wants to experience the comfy of home. Too bad, I had no chance to see the swimming pool and gym.


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