Kuching International Airport (KIA)

Last Friday, in one of my unpaid leave, I went to KIA to pick up some friends from Brunei. It’s quite excited when there are old friends coming to Kuching. While waiting for them to come out of the arrival hall, it takes the opportunity to snap some photos using the camera in my phone.

Domestic Arrival

International Airport

KIA has been rebuilt not long ago to support more lanes. It has been upgraded to be an international airport. There are lots of varieties of foods in KIA. If you are foreigner, you can book for a car at the booth. You can even change your money at the nearest money changer there.

Chocolates are considered expensive in Kuching compared to foreign country like Europe or Singapore. However, if you wish to buy some chocolates home, you can also drop by at the most well known shop, Famous Amos. The chocolate cookies from Famous Amos is the must try cookies!

The nearest hotels to KIA are Four Point Hotel by Sheraton. Soon, there will be other hotels at Boulevard. However the hotels is quite far from town, approximately 20 minutes drive. In Kuching, 20 minutes drive is far!

Anyway, for those coming to Kuching, Sarawak for the first time, DD wish you WELCOME!!!


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