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Let’s Aerobics!

I’ve always been longing to blog about the center that I usually go for aerobics. Reason that I did not blog about it is because I’m way too lazy to bring my camera.

Well, with my new super be-earlier prezzie, I can now take photos anytime and anywhere that I want. So, last Thursday, when everyone is doing their end warming down, I take this opportunity to snap photos.
Yeah, I know.. My photos only shows the butt of everyone. Can’t help it since I’m way too lazy to move around after the exercise. The instructor is Donna. She is a part time aerobics instructor there. The class starts at 6:00pm and ends at 7:00pm. Well, we usually starts at 6:10pm. Overall the class is quite nice and is suitable for those who don’t want super fast aerobics.

For those who are interested, the class is a Hui Sing Commercial Centre (on top of Toto shop) on every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00pm. You can even change your cloth at the center.

3 tell DD:

Rose 9:54 PM  

You still go there? Thought they move to 101 Premier??

RaiNboW 11:37 AM  

Aiks... I saw my butt in the photo too...

Dav DiDi 8:24 AM  

Rose, they still have in Hui Sing ..

AppleJul... well, the photos quite small .. nvm la ..

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