Life is to Move Forward, Not Backward

Last weekend is totally an eye opener for me. A lot of happenings that makes me think that my life is actually moving backward and not forward. During the three days holidays, my time is full with activities that make me feel I should change my own style of living.

On Friday, I picked up some friends from airport and bring them round Kuching shopping complex. I learnt about gratitude and the meaning of spend wisely. Gratitude in the way that when you gets a good treatment from someone, do not hesitate to return back the kindness of a person. We should never take advantage on anyone indirectly or directly. Spend wisely in term of not to be so calculative in term of spending since we work to have a better life, not work to have a dully life. Even that we should spend what we earn; this doesn’t mean that we should spend everything that we earn. There must be self control.

On Saturday, went to a friend wedding and dinner as well. From there, I learn that not every expense is compulsory. Sometimes, simple and yet elegant is better than complex and high cost. I have also learnt the meaning of friendship. After graduation, I seems to be forgotten the meaning of friendship. When met and mix around the old friends, I finally understand the meaning of friendship once again. When a bond is built in the name of the Highest, there will not be any other power that could take it away. Although I had not seen them for 6 years or 4 years, the bond is still there. Friendship is as important as family, but of course family first, then friendship.

Then on Sunday, my cousins and I went to celebrate godmum’s birthday. As godmum had raise me up (yeah, I’m raised by my godmum since both of m parents is working), another way to show my gratitude is to spend times with her and hear what she wants to say. From there, I learn that money is not everything. We should always think of our loves one and spending money on them is not guilty. I feel a bit ashamed on myself for that.

Well, maybe previously I have some debts that makes me became more cautious and stingy. I guess I’ve taken it way too far and it’s time for me to change some of the attitude that I have. After all, human should move forward, not backward.

Someone use to tell me that life is short. For what we have set, we should go for it. So, for the next half of this year, I’ll work to upgrade my lifestyle and learn as I walk through my path.


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