Mars Have Snow!

Previously, a friend of mine had send me a forwarded mail regarding Mars. Yeah, its the planet Mars, not the mars chocolate. In the yahoo news, it actually shows that Mars have snow too!!

Back in the past, I've heard that there are scientist discover that Mars have oxygen that human needs to stay alive. There is talks as well that as Earth is getting older, human can migrate to Mars. I'm not so sure about how this could happen. Obviously the cost to fly all the human on Earth into Mars would be very cost damaging!

Again, today, there are news about more research in Mars. Eventually, scientist discover that Mars have snow. Apart from the gravity thingy, Mars eventually have snows falls on the ground!! For those who don't know what is Mars, it is the fourth planet from the lovely Sun in the solar system. The planet is name after the Roman god of war. Due to its reddish appearance, it is also known as the red planet. For more info about Mars, can go to the wikipedia.

The snow in Mars falls in the early morning. The Canadian-led research team found ice clouds and is the first time precipitation been observed falling to the ground on Mars.

Not going into details about it. If you are interested, click this link.


RaiNboW said…
Wow, seems like we just might migrate to Mars soon...
Dav DiDi said…
Yeah .. I Wonder how Mars looks like

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