The Movie, Transformer II - The Rise of the Fallen

Last Saturday, went to watch this movie with BF. We actually bought the ticket the day before, after work. BF worried that we couldn’t get any ticket with nice sitting place if we buy the ticket before the actual time. He has been calling the Star Cineplex for hours and nobody seems to pick up the phones. Well, I guess they purposely do that.

The queue at Star Cineplex, awaiting for their turn to buy movie ticket

The queue ended at the lift area

BF wore his favorite Transformer t-shirt to the movies. He don't let me take photos of the back of his shirt.

Align CenterTransformer die-hard fan

Close look

I am glad that we bought the ticket earlier. Else, I’ll be one of those people that queue up just to get a sit for the movie. The queue is so long that it reaches the lift. I even manage to have time for sushi & buy some popcorn and walk around the booth at the counter area.

Poster of Transformer are everywhere in Star Cineplex

Anyway, the movie is ok for me. As I’m not the super big fan of Transformer, so, I actually couldn’t really recognize which is the transformer and which is the decepticon. There is some funny segment in this movie. One of it is that the movie actually uses the current president of United State’s name as the president in this movie. When the soldiers mention the name “President Obama”, I can hear everyone in the cinema say “huh?”.

Another segment that I like is when Bumble Bee bullies a girl that tries to flirt with Sam. She got in the car without being asked. Bumble Bee plays the song “Your Cheating Heart”. Then, he makes the girl’s chair to be rocking and splash oil on her body. That is so funny!

Bumble Bee

I realize that Macaela (not sure if this is correct spelling) looks tougher than Sam. She manage to caught a bad robot and make it do as she says. There is one part, this cute robots actually flirts with her just to make her accept it as her friends. Sam got jealous with the robot.

Overall, I rated this movie 8 out of 10. BF definitely rated this movie 10 out of 10. He is looking forward to watch this movie another time. He is also excited that Optimus is still alive. Well, before this movie, I keep teasing him saying that Bumble Bee died or Optimus died in the movie. For me, Optimus and Bumble Bee will never be dead. If they are dead, there is no continuation for Transformer.
Bumble Bee & Optimus Prime


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