Sony Ericsson K770i

One day, as usual, BF picks me up and we went for breakfast before going to work. We stopped by at Moong Low, BDC. He ordered “Cha Sio Pau” while I order ‘popiah’. I’m not really in any appetite to eat since it’s too early.

Suddenly, BF showed to me my super be-earlier birthday present. It’s a Sony Ericsson K770i!! Well, few weeks before that, BF had showed me several photos of phones and I commented that silver is common and brown looks like my dog’s shit. Hope I don’t offended anyone with this comment. Hehehe..

I’m way too shocked to express and happiness or expectation. One of the reasons is because my birthday is in September and it’s only July. Another reason is that BF suddenly takes out a mobile and gives to me. So happy!!
BF had been hearing that I want to change my mobiles ages ago. Well, there are two reasons why I keep postponing my plan to change my phone. One is because my current one is still good and another is pay cut. As I mentioned almost all the time in my blog, my company is forcing us to take four days unpaid leave.

Personally, definition of mobile for me is to serve two purposes: to call and to message. So, with this mind conception, I don’t really know how to use the phone. BF called me the age stones human. *Sobs*

Back to the topics, I’ve got my new phone! It’s not like super expensive and up-to-date phone, but it’s more than enough. I can now snap photos whenever I want and where ever I feel like. Yahooooo!!! The first photos that I’ve snap are actually my breakfast on that morning – Popiah.

Back to my resolution, one of my targets for this year is to have new phone. I guess, this year isn’t that bad after all.


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