Sungai Maong Market

Last week I accompany my dad to 3rd mile to buy some meat for my dog and also human. We went there using bike to avoid headache in finding parking space.

Most Kuching-langs know that Sungai Maong market has a lot of variety of vegetables, fish and meats (halal or non-halal). There are also lots of varieties of local vegetables sold in the market.

We went there are around 10:00am. Although it’s quite late, the place is still flooded with people coming by to buy some food. I think people nowadays tend to sleep late and wake up late. Its different trend compared with few decades ago.

My dad bought some chicken neck and ‘badal’. Chicken neck is reserved for my skinny dog while ‘badal’ is kept to mix with vegetables and also for Pooh to eat. My dad bought one ‘ikan timah’. I’m wondering how the taste is. Hehehe…

After the short groceries shopping, we stop at the corner coffee shop. I didn’t know what to eat for my brunch. My dad order ‘mee pok’ and I decided to settle with pork porridge with eggs. The portion of my porridge is a lot! Well, as I do not want to waste any food, I try my best to finish the porridge. It’s very tasty actually and for RM3, it’s really worth the money.


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