What is Life?

Have you ever wonder what life actually means? If you think it through, life is like a circle without the ending. We are born from mother’s womb. When we are babies, we depend fully on our parents to feed us, teach us how to crawl, walk and later run. Then we learn how to speak. Some of us might not be fortunate to have parents but still there is someone who brings us up and teaches us that basic stuff.

Then we enter kindergarten and later primary schools. We learn our first ABC and 123. After that secondary schools and then either higher educations or we start hunting for job.

After a while, we settled with a permanent job, leading the life of at least 5 days a week job and during weekends, our rest day. This circle goes on and on until we found the other half of us. We work hard to be able to buy our first car, first house or even our first mobile. Later, got married, have kids and then the circle is inherits to our kids.

We watch the kids grow just like our circle of life when we are small. They grew up, study and then settled down with jobs. Later, got married and have kids for us to be called grandparents. When we are old enough that we couldn’t even stand, we became the burden for our kids or whoever that taking care of us. Our circle of life stops when we died. This circle inherits from generations to generations, a never ending story. That’s where our family trees is created.

So what is life exactly? Is it to keep the circle of life actively running? Or is it for us to enjoy our life while keeping the circle of life circulating in the atmosphere?

It came into my senses that my life is sort of boring. Well, I work 5 days a week. Maybe now, my working days have become 4 days a week, but still, it’s the same. Came back from work, I became the employee of my house. In all our life, we work to have a better life but what exactly is life? We might be earning millions or hundreds of ringgits but at the end, what is life? Is it to ensure that as long as we still breathing and that is life?

Or is it that life is just an alternate words until our death to be internally alive in God’s kingdom? Why it is that human is born then decades later went back to heaven?

I know this is another babbling from the nonsense DD.


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