Consumer Rights - Don't Keep Quiet

Recently, when I had my breakfast, I found that one of my food has hair in it. Feeling a bit cheated and unsatisfied, I took some photos of it and send it to the person responsible.

For those who has ever had such experience, don't just keep quiet. We should know our rights as consumer. Further, it's our hard earn money that go wasted, right?


cibol said…
WTF???? My God, that looks more like a pubical hair to me .. ha ha ha. Darn it! The fella must be a little bit horny while making this piece of .. is it bun or cakoi?
Dav DiDi said…
Hi Cibol .. it is a prawn kueh .. hahaha.. wahhhh .. pubical hair got so long kah ?? it is very long and white oh ... :)

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