El Nino - Hopefully is Over

Few weeks ago, we experience a very bad haze in Kuching here. Our dam is drying up and the government had even announce that we might run out of water in two weeks time. Some parts of Sarawak is already drying up.

BF says that back in his hometown, the fishes are dying. His relative back home had called him and tell him.
The stories of water shortage really scares me. My dad had filled up 2 tank of water just for emergency. Not only that, the water pressure seems abnormal. This actually makes me realize how important is water to our daily life. We need water to take shower, drink water, cooking and even for cleaning our car, clothing and plates.

Luckily that last week, we started to have thunderstorm rain that not only clean our most polluted air but also filling our dam with water again. Thank God for the rain!!

During the hazy time, I snap some photos of the red sun that covers Sarawak. Let's hope that haze is really over. During the el-nino, many got sick. H1N1 patients is increasing.
Hopefully, haze is no longer our worries now....


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