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Fated I Love You

Lately, I'm quite stucked with channel "Xing Kong" especially with the Taiwan series drama "Fated I Love You". Been fighting for the TV with my dad just to watch the dramas. Well, my dad wants to watch news.

Anyway, I've missed out the beginning of the movie (how they met, how they end up having s_x, got pregnant, married). I got so addicted with this dramas that I'm thinking of buy the whole set! I wonder how much that will cost me, definitely would be more than RM100?

This morning, after asking AppleJul for the title of the drama in English, I try to google search some videos in youtube. Watched part of the beginning of the stories, but without speaker, I had no idea what is actually really happening.

For me, I like the character "Sin Yee" and Dylan. Hahaha!! I think tha main guy actor is not that handsome and quite stupid. Well, he look a bit stupid. Kekeke... So, after googling in youtube, I google for some photos of Dylan.
Today's episode: Sin Yee got into car accident and lost their baby "Cin Yien Ping"... sobs...

2 tell DD:

RaiNboW 10:03 AM  

Baby name "Ji Nian Ping". =P
I prefer the main actor.

Dav DiDi 12:50 PM  

Kekeke... Rainbow, i owaz had difficulties with Chinese name ...

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