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Kuching Festival 2009

Kuching Festival will be here on 31st July until 23rd August, from 6:00pm until 11:00pm. For those that hungers for all sorts of foods in Kuching, don't miss this chance! Well, I'm eager to go there eventhough I feels that every year they have the same thing.

For those that had never been to this festival before, well, we can expect lots of food variety at the food fair section, businesses such as car sale, insurance and lots more. For those that had nothing to do and are bored, you can also go and watch the performance show that they have. For me, I go there for the food.. Hehehe....

Anyway, I got this map from google.. For those that is interested to participate and had no idea where is it... Just google, and you'll get the answer...

Maps to Kuching Festival @ Dewan Masyarakat (MBKS):

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For more details, can visit the website :

2 tell DD:

Rose 7:42 PM  

this year it is going to be a hot and warm night for Kuching Fest!!!! I havent been there this year......

Dav DiDi 7:40 AM  

Rose, with H1N1 and El-Nino, I doubt that many would go there ... I myself is considering not to go ...

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