Sony Erricson K770i Camera Effects

Lately, I've been all over with my new phones. Well, I mean with all the effects that it could give to me. I am using BF and my dog as my guinea pigs here.

My dog has been ignoring me eventhough I called her a couple of times. Knowing that I'm just disturbing her, she didn't even bother to lift up her head. So, instead of forcing her to come to me, I snap her photos with several effect : normal, negative, sepia, black/white and solarize.
Normal Effects

Black and White Effects

Negative Effects

Solarize Effects

Sepia Effects

I love the effect 'sepia' the most!!! Isn't it looks very unique?

And again, I do the same while BF is having his lunch at Boulevard foodcourt.

The normal effect, while BF eating

BF Eating, Black and White effect

And lastly the Sepia effects!!!
Gosh, I'm in love with the sepia effect!!!


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