7th mile, Kota Sentosa

If you are looking for a electrical items with affordable discounted price, this is where you should go for a visit - 7th mile, Kota Sentosa. There are multiple shop of electrical items along the shop houses, which had create competition amongst the shop owner.

I went there few times to purchase some electrical items. The first time is to buy new microwave. Price tag shows RM299 but I bought is at RM190. At first, the owner willing to sell me at RM220. But when he saw me leaving the shop, he offer the price RM190. Hahaha!! Saw it in Boulevard for the price of RM250.

The second time, is to buy a DVD player. Price tag shows RM199. I bought it at RM89.... He offered me RM95 but I told him I'll buy for RM89. Hhmmmm.....

OK, enought about electrical stuff. If you are looking for fresh pork, Kota Sentosa is also a place to go. You can find a lot of pork seller here.

Not forgetting food..

Food rating : 6 out of 10 .... The best claypot mee that I rated 10 out of 10 is at Hong Kong Noodles, Wisma Saberkas


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