Boulevard - City Mega Store

Did you know that Boulevard is finally launching its 4th floor? They call it the City Mega Store. I went there couple of times already. Hahaha!
Well, it is extremely spacious and a lot of variety of stuff can be found here. I like the way the set up the whole store. Anyway, not going to write much. I'll let the picture speaks for me.


Nice looking design of vase

This is where you can keep your kids quiet

All Sorts of Lighting

German Shepherd?

The Ramadhan Stall

P/S: 5th Floor is coming up next .... They call it the sky xxxx (xxx - I can't remember whether it is bazaar or paradise or something else)

Escalator going up the 'sky'

The stairway to the sky


deogracias said…
Hi. thanks for your visit before.
yea its fiery. My Bad . :D

btw, actually the new open floor is on the 3rd floor called boulevard city mega store.
and the 4th floor would be sky bazaar(under construction) , they plan to open the 4th floor at end of this month, they will have children playground in 4th floor if im not mistaken.
btw..nice to see u here.

regard :)

Dav DiDi said…
Hi ... thanks for visiting my blog too .. yeah , I can't really remember the name of it ...

end of this month ? wow, that's fast .. sky bazaar .. so it means there's food ? hhmmm ... isn't that will cause the items sold in 3rd floor to be smelly with food smell ?

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