Cheapest Cha Sio Pau

Yeah, I know, lately, I've been posting a lot about foods. Starting with the cheapest tomato mee (RM2.50) at Pending(opposite 20 sen), then cheapest Ham & Cheese Sandwich (RM2.50 for 2 cheese + 2 ham + vege) ... Now, I'm posting about the cheapest char sio pau.

Anyway, the most common price of char sio pau would usually be around RM1.20 to RM1.50. The other day, while accompany BF for lunch, I saw the cute pau, at the size of my palm (size of 3 sio bee). I ordered one just to have a taste of it. When the pau came, I ask for the price so that I can pay. Here's what the waitress say - "50 sen". Shock, I reply "Haa?" ... When I got to my common sense, I quickly pay. I didn't expect it to be RM0.50. I thought it would be around RM0.80 to RM1.00....

Where to get? Opposite the coffeeshop "Lau Tee Fang" at 4th miles.


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