Iglool Free Ice Cream for Birthday Month

As my birthday falls to this month, I've take this opportunity to make full use of my previledge book. So, went to Iglool for my birthday treat.

We cannot choose the ice creams that we want. Well, it's quite reasonable since it is free and I don't have to pay anything for that. But, stupid me to think that it is quite 'cheap' to just go there and had some free ice cream.

So apart from the ice cream, I ordered the blueberry cheese cake. The taste is ok only and is not the best cake I've ever had. It cost me RM8.90 for that small piece. BF seems to be an enemy for cheese. He says I'm eating 'rotten rice'. Shheessshhhh!

I prefer the ice cream than the cakes. But the fruits tasted a bit sour. Not sure why........
I still have one more coupons. Shall I go again?


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