More Food at Food Avenue, 4th Mile

I think I've posted some of the food here before but anyway, this is different types of food. My dad has been serving this stall for almost a decade. Previously, they are very famous with their "Mee Siam" at somewhere near to McD & Celcom at 3rd mile.

Ice Lemon Tea and Kopi O Peng cost RM2.90

The owner is a middle age lady with very thoughtful mindset. She remembers her customer very well. This time, I didn't order mee siam because I think it's quite pricey. For a lunch that cost RM6 and gets hungry easily, I think it's not that worth it. Instead I ordered the cousin for mee siam (can't remember the name of it, so I called it cousins..).

The cousins of "Mee Siam", RM4

My dad on the other hand, ordered nasi lemak from her. The rice is cooked with 'santan' and the sambal is really nice. RM4 is worth the money.

Nasi Lemak, RM4

I would definitely recommend people to stop by and try it out. The mee siam which cost RM6 is actually worth the money because she puts a lot of prawn in it (cleaned big prawn and slice nicely so that you don't have to use your hand to take off the shells).

For me, I grade this stall 8 out of 10 ...


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