The Spring - Opening of 2nd Floor

MBO Cineplex, the latest cineplex in town is now here! Those who register as member gets to enjoy RM1 discount for every movie ticket.
I went to have a look around the other day to show my support to The Spring. Well, the truth, not much stuff here although there are a lot of small stall at the 2nd Floor. For those Hello Kitty fans, you should visit the 2nd floor!

I didn't take much photos around because everywhere I go, I'm becoming the sales girl targets. When I take one step forward, she too, one step forward. For me, it's very irritating to get a tail behind me, following like I'm a guilty target. Anyway, didn't find anything that interest me, mainly is because of the price.

The fountain of chocolates

There's one foodie shop that attract me though. But after a while, I realize that the drink serve there is actually bubble milk tea sort of drinks. There's no new drink been created. Bought one glass out of curiousity...

Double Chocolate With Jelly

Anyway, besides the opening of the new floor, there's also some fishes sold on that day ...

Fishes for sale - BF say this is called Betta fish

Betta fish

Flowers for sale - price very reasonable


Daniel Liew said…
I'm waiting for this for so long. Though it may not be GSC or TGV, MBO is sure going to give Star and Riverside a huge competition. Enjoy your movie!
Dav DiDi said…
Hi Daniel . yeah .. but it's not open yet .. only open for registration as member.. going to launch on 09.09.09 ... hehhee

I will surely not going to go town for movie anymore... Why go so far when I can enjoy movie + shopping at place nearer to my hse.. haha..

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