Waterfront Kuching, Sarawak

For those who stayed in Kuching, you will know where is Waterfront. It is in town area, opposite Hilton. When I'm still studying in secondary school, I use to come here whenever I have extra curriculum. This place has a remarkable memory of 5 years. I still remember that there is one time we use the boat to go across to visit the Fort Magherita. My friend is so scared when the boat can't stop trembling due to imbalance weight between both side.

OK, cut the crap. Well, waterfront is just a path near the riverbank. It is one of the must go hot spot. So, don't miss it out if you intends to come to Kuching for a visit.

I thought some snap of the photos (a few only). Our first intention going ther

e is actually to have a peep on the recently discovered tunnel which is believed to be built during the war with the Japanese. Pardon me with bad history in my head. From what I heard, the tunnel are built as an escape road for citizens at that area if the place is invaded. Well, that's all I heard. Anyway, the project there are stopped due to the tunnel. I hope they would open the area for public viewing soon.

Enjoy some of the photos that I've took ya....

Overall, this is the view from the riverbank

The new Dewan Undangan Negeri
You can also see the Astana from the riverbank

And after the walk around town, my dad and I went for lunch at the open market area. We ordered tomato mee (dad) and tomate kueh tiaw (me). Looking at the quantity of the food, I decided to order 'lo' egg one each. Total are RM8.20. Compared to the cheapest tomate mee that I've ate recently, this is just ok only and yet expensive + little.

"Loh" Egg
Tomato Kueh Tiaw
Tomato Mee


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