Bella Italia

Located at RH Plaza (opposite Four Point Hotel), Bella Italia serves Italian foods. One of my colleague and I are treating our departments for a meal since both of us gets promotion this month.

I like the environment here especially the pictures hanging on the wall. Before I go in, the first impression that I have is that this is quite a traditional place. There's no western feeling. In the inside, the place felt like home.

It's a good place to hang out. My colleague and I order lasagna (I can't remember the name), pizza and some individual set meal. It didn't take them a long time to prepare our meal.

The pizza and the lasagna is quite tasty. Another colleague ordered chicken chop, which in my opinion not satisfying. Well, with such expensive price, I am expecting at least 4 wedges and more veggies but instead, there's a small portion of chicken chop, 2 wedges and 2 piece of veggies.
Ok..Ok, miscalculate, its 3 piece of veggie

I'm thinking of going to Patio to celebrate another round with my family.... What do you think?


Ching Ching said…
I will recommend not to go Patio. Somewhere else better.
Dav DiDi said…
Oh is it ... the deco looks nice.. hhmmmm, my head keep thinking of hartz ah .. i miss the salad there

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