Boulevard Bazaar Paradise

The 4th floor of Boulevard is already open for public. I think they call it the bazaar. Well, it is a bazaar from the appearance.

I went there twice and I realize the stuff sold there is becoming kids toy.... There are plenty of stuff here and for those who wants to get something for their home, you can come here to have a look. They have sofa, chair, dining table, cabinets and even exercise equipment.

I'm thinking to buy bicycle here but after seeing the price, I have to think twice.. Hahaha, well, must think of something to reduce my 2010 tax.

Ok, the best part that I like about the 4th floor is the side stall which is setup to looks like a 'gerai', but it's not really a 'gerai'. Hehehe... See the lighting and the people here...

They have clothing too but it seems to be quite expensive and not exactly what I want...

Sorry, not much photo taken. I'm getting lazier in term of snaping photos


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