Buy 1 Free 1 Star Cineplex (M) Ticket

As I still have the Star Cineplex buy 1 free 1 (M) ticket from the previledge book, BF and I decided to go for movies there. It seems like the opening of MBO do impacts a lot on their business.
Previledge Coupons

Well, it's early of the month, meaning everyone just got their salary so it just not right to have so little crowds in the weekend. Those that are seen here are 95% schoold kids.
The emptiness of the counter

As I'm on a diet recently, BF has been tempting me to buy tidbits or whatever food. I stick with my decision of no tidbits and this is what he use to tempt me...
And I got tempted.. Sushi bah....

We watched Final Destination.
Well, I prefer part I and II. The action is not that scary. RM9 for two ticket is definitely worth it for me.


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