Green Road Kolo Mee

A lot of people tells me that the best kolo mee in Kuching can be found at Green Road. The other day, my dad ask me where to have lunch. I answer "Green road kolo mee". At first my dad thought something is wrong with my brain again. Of all places why green road and why kolo mee. Hahaha...

So off we went there for the kolo mee. I'm sure if it's the correct one but that's the only stall that sells only kolo mee. I ordered sky juice and my dad kopi-o peng.

Is this the correct stall??

There's a lot of people that order for take away. I guess I'm at the correct stall, seeing there are so many people 'tapao' and eat here.

While waiting for my food, I looked around and realize that they seems to have common customer eating at the stall. It was 10.30am and really HOT!!! Even with the fan, I just can't stop myself from sweating.

Although there are so many people ordering and 'tapao', their OTD is very good. I think it takes only 10 minutes for the food to arrive. Some of you must be wondering what is OTD ... On Time Delivery....

The taste... As mention like AppleJul.. My comment is "OK LAR" ... Is it the best? Well, .... My personal opinion ... no ... I've tasted one, which is better but I don't know where has the stall migrate to. Previously it was opposite A1B2 ...


S-H-Y said…
WOW it looks very delicious :P..
Daniel Liew said…
I usually go to the shop in the middle. Got so used to the taste every time I had to attend extra classes when I was studying in Green Road.
Dav DiDi said…
S.H.Y, for me the taste is so so only... maybe something wrong with my tongue.. hahaha

Daniel, oh .. u study in green road ..? i went there once for installation nite for the interact club(if i'm not mistaken)

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