Guilty of Intention

Lately, I've been thinking of what I can do to reduce my tax for next year. For this year, I won't need to pay that much of tax but for the year 2010 (pay at 2011), there's really in need of spending to reduce the tax amount.

BF say I'm doing good things with a reason. I must admit, I am guilty as it is. Last year, I've made some donation for the old homes organized by my church. One of the reason for the donation is because it is tax claimable. This year, as there's less tax, I didn't donate. Yeah, I'm guilty with my motives.

Last weekend, while walking at Boulevard, I keep thinking what gift that I should buy this year for the Christmas giftaway for the poor. As I pass through the book section, I ask BF to buy some English learning book and suddenly some thoughts came to me.. Why not I buy books instead of stationery? It will benefit more to the poor. Then the guilty thoughts came to my mind.. "At the same time, I can claim tax for the books too". Ok Ok .. I am really guilty as of the real intention and tax deduction thingy.

Even during the adoption of my dog, I am guilty as I am because the receipt issued is tax claimable.

Yes, I'm guilty of intention. Is this a sin? Hhmmm.....

Pic of the day ..tanglung celebration at my house


Anonymous said…
When you know your intention you only know what it is.
Realization is a step towards correctness.
RaiNboW said…
I say u not guilty. hehe

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