Hong Kong Noodle Re-visit

I'm back at Hong Kong Noodles, Wisma Saberkas.

This time, I take off the mee in pot from my mind. Sizzling noodles doesn't seems to be on their list anymore. But they have other new orders which is not in the list.

I ordered the fried vermicelli in Teo Chew Style. I can't remember what's my dad order. Hehehe... Food is never complete without their special belachan fried with chilie....

Anyway, I'm satisfy with my food. The only regret is the portion is too much for me. I'm 110% full after this breakfast+lunch=brunch...

Some of you must be wondering why is it that most of thep places I went serves local food. It's simple.. My dad and BF thinks that pizza is tea break and cheese is for rats. So, whose going to go western with me? Sob sob sob .....


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