Killer Wasp

I am so sad when I heard of news about a family tragedy in which they are attacked by wasps. This really is a very unfortunate tragedy.

For those who didn't know about the tragedy, it's in Borneo Post, almost everyday reporting on the status. Last Saturday, 5 people (4 kids and 1 adult-mother) is taking a walk around Batu Kawah, near to their house. Little did they know that there's a wasp nest around the bushes. The wasps somehow, attacked them. The youngest, age 3 is still learning and thus, didn't run as fast as the others. The second kid of age 6 is left behind too. Two other kids of age 8 and 11 isn't that fortunate as well. The 11 year old kid is actually the lady's brother in law.

When the mother saw her kids are left behind, having the mother's instinct, she ran back to rescue her childs. For that, she is being stung repeatedly by the wasps.

Upon reaching their house, she called her husband, panickly telling him that they are all going to die. Two of the youngest kids unconscious. The incident are being watched by the resident at the area. They sent the unfortunate family to hospital. The two kids of age 3 and 6 are pronounced dead while the rest are in ICU.

I read the newspaper yesterday and sadden with the news that their only child of age 8 had passed away. In just a week, this tragedy had turn one couple with 3 kids into no kids. As a parents, this is definitely worst than dying. The mother is still fell on and off from consciousness. Definitely, her husband would have hard time telling her what happen to her kids.

The news reported that donation of RM1,000 has been given to them. I'm sure that they won't feel any better with the donation. Nothing can replace their lost childs.

I really felt sorry for the family. Let's pray and hope for the best for them. I believe only God can heals their wounds now.

Wasps is one of the most deadly insects that attack in groups. We really should report to authority if we happen to see the nest so that this tragedy will not repeat. As our government is launching the 1Malaysia motto, let us work together towards this. Report any wasps nest whether or not it is near to your house.


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