Mee Sua & Local Bun

I went to 7th mile (AGAIN) for some food hunting, at the same time surveing the price of TV there. After the survey price, we went to filled our stomach at the coffee shop nearby.

This coffee shop is always full with people and we hardly get a table during weekends or public holiday. I like this shop because they have a lot of food variety.

So, this time I ordered mee sua and the local 'bun' which is famous to be made by Foochow chinese. It's nice!! The bun is selling at 70 cents per piece. Mee sua is RM4.50 per bowl.

The Bun, 70 cents per piece

Well, I wish they put more red wine in it though. I can hardly taste or smell the red wine from the mee sua although they mention it the Red wine mee sua...... The mee sua too soft....

Mee sua, RM4.50

Anyway, I'm way too full after this meal to complain anything .... Did I make anyone feeling hungry???


It's all ur fault!! u've make me hungry!!
Dav DiDi said…
Hi! Firstly, thanks for visiting my blog... well, thats partly the purpose of my blog.. making people hungry :)
yurp. hehe, btw what is Mee Sua ingredient? Halal? looks sluurpp!!

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