Raya Visiting 2009 & Things Learnt

Yeah, this is quite out-dated posting. It's going to be a short posting...

Actually, I didn't go to any house this year. But, on the 3rd day, when I went to work, I met with one 'nenek' whom do not have any transport to go home. She is actually the cleaner of my company. Due to her age, we call her 'nenek'.

I pitied her because she is actually left out by the van that suppose to pick her up. She had to wait until 7.30pm if she wants to wait for the next van coming. BF and I sends her home.

She had invited us to come into her house. BF is reluctant because he wants to go for dinner. As for me, I am way too 'paiseh' to tel her that we do not want to go to her house. So, we just enter her house. It's very small, but cosy.

I listened to her talking about her life. Her salary is roughly RM300 to RM500, depending on how many days she work. Due to her age, she had rejected of being cut for epf. Sometimes, her salary is just enough or sometimes not enough to support her family. I'm not very sure how's the family financial situation.

Well, what I learnt is that I've been complaining on my salary. Worry of this, worry of that. But instead, if I am to compare what I earn with this nenek, I am far better off. Why on earth am I putting such nonsense worries and nag about not enough saving? There are others out there who do not even have RM1 to save, yet I still complaint although sometimes my monthly saving are a person monthly expenses.

So, for those with same attitude like me .. We should just stop complaining, stop nagging and start appreciating what we have. Don't you agree?


RaiNboW said…
That's a touching story. We should really learn how to appreciate our life.

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