Sony Bravia LCD TV Monitor

Last month, my old TV had fail to work as it is. I've sent it for repair and it turns out that there are some parts in it that need to change. My cousin is looking for the parts from other spoilt TVs that he had. So far, no news. A month had passed and there's no news.

Assuming that my old TV is un-repairable. This means, new one to come. So, my dad and I did some survey around the town for TV models and price.

There are plenty of models around the town that could actually blind our eyes on which to choose. At first, I opt for the LG brand. But there are a lot of complains (negative complains) that we gets from all sort of parties. It's not that this model is not good but it is about the spare parts and repairing in future. It seems like the spare part for LG is hard to find and that the cost of repairing is very high as well. So, with this LG is off from the list although it's the cheapest.
Then come the Panasonic, Sharp and Sony. The quality for Panasonic seems defeated by Sony and Sharp. In term of pricing, Sony sounds reasonable. We went to 7th mile, 3rd mile, Satok and even Courts to survey on the price. The last stop are Chan Furniture.

I'm actually amazed at how businessman could bargain their price. Well, for the same tv model that we saw, Chan Furniture is selling at RM1,599. Courts is selling at RM2,099 and others is around RM1,899. After talking, checking, bla bla bla .... My dad decide to get the one at Chan Furniture.
Bravia LCD TV

So, the good news is, I got new TV!!! Yeah.....
Tadaaaaa ...

Ok, I'm showing off. Kekeke... Anyway, my wyre lines is a mess after I placed the TV on top of the cabinets. As I'm haunted with 5S at work, I conduct 5S at home too..


Apart from the new TV, I have new dvd player too. Well, the old one spoilt almost the same time as my TV. I guess the old ones gets 'moody' when it sees the partner no longer there. Hahaha...

Sagasonic can't remember the model...
Bought it for RM126, Sagasonic at Kenyalang Park. The shop owner is a good and professional sales person that he manage to persuade us after just 15 minutes.

Tadaa.... The 3rd one

The bad news is I blew RM1,000 from my wallet. Hahaha... But, worth for the movie. Yeah...


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